There are times in life when the path to the desired outcome is not clear.

You are committed. You believe in what you are up to. Yet, the only thing you can see to do is take the next step. Then the next one. Not exciting. Not even certain. You only know that you need to keep going.

I have done a lot of plodding along over the years. When I was raising my child with special needs, for a long time it looked and felt like no progress was being made. No answers or diagnoses were clear.

I tried every avenue and resource I could locate. It was exhausting. Though I felt like giving up many times, the stakes were so high that I would not stop. I stayed in action and did the best I could for years. For decades. Blessedly for me and my family, the ultimate solution finally came after 30 years.

I’m writing this because I have seen so much information out there about meeting goals, breaking down tasks into baby steps, motivation, etc.

Sometimes, the only thing to do is keep going. It’s not sexy or interesting or worthy of major headlines. It *is* what is needed. There’s often not much support for this in our culture. We celebrate completion and success.

Some days, true success is that you get out of bed and do what you can today. Rinse and repeat. It is truly a test of the devotion and commitment you have. Remember that when you are solidly on the way to what you are creating.

Keep going! One step. One step.

Please let me know if you would like share your experiences with what it takes for you to get there.