Is this you? 

Each of us has different challenges as we travel down our own path.  

Finding your way:The Human Journey

As humans on a journey, we tend to have a lot in common.  

Still our paths can be quite different. 



You may recognize yourself as being one of the kinds of people I love working with. 

People who are often misunderstood:

The Conscious Queen

A woman who has completed or is nearing completion of your Motherhood phase of Life.

It’s finally MY turn! YAY! Wait…who am I? What do I want? Why is my family reacting so strongly now that I am beginning to take care of myself?

I am no longer willing to give everything to them…I need my own time, energy and choices.

My default had been to give away all of myself.

Now what?

The Adult with


You have been diagnosed or believe you have ADHD brain wiring.


You are bright, yet you struggle with work, in relationships, with organization.


You feel bad about yourself because you have worked so hard and failed more than most.


Part of you really wants to give up.

The Creative Genius

You are a right-brain dominant Creative/Artist/Genius.

You have a million and a half ideas. They flow out continually. You have difficulty choosing what to focus on. It’s very difficult to complete anything.

You love this amazing ability and you get worn out living with it.

The Dark Night of the Soul Traveller

You have experienced a divorce, death, illness, move.

You are overwhelmed and feel lost. Your old life is gone.

It can be paralyzing to sort out even the small options of what to do next.

You feel stripped down and uncertain and scared.

Many people around you do not understand why you feel blocked and may dismiss your concerns or put pressure on you.

Is there a way out?