Extreme stress 

I have been through decades of extreme stress and living. It almost broke me.

I was abandoned by one parent when I was a baby. I was traumatized as a pre-teen. I had a violent first husband.

I broke a lot of glass ceilings in the early years of my career. I raised three children, one of whom had a lot of special needs.

I encountered one child’s suicide threats, going AWOL and being missing for hours, jumping out of moving cars, and violent outbursts. I got depressed and overwhelmed.

I got through two divorces and entered a decade of financial insecurity. I have been self employed for 30 years.

I moved to a new state and started a new life at the age of 59. I had my life threatened. I went through two major surgeries last year, the first of which saved my life.

I had hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical debt after the surgeries. Death and loss of many (parent, step parent, friends, many pets, friendships, jobs).

I share this only because I want you to hear what else has happened.

I also had love, growth, accomplishments, opportunities, friends, adventures, breakthroughs, miracles (deep, true and several!), abundance, joy, nice homes, travels, education (in many forms), blessings, gifts given and received and developed.

Through it all, I have found a way to be alright, eventually. I discovered how strong and resourceful I can be.

Now in my 60’s, I see that *all* of it taught me who I am and can be.

I see it all as the comprehensive Divine Training Program. The good news is that I have not only survived, I am learning to thrive!

I am sharing this because I am deeply devoted to helping others get through ALL of what Life gives us. I believe and practice finding Hope. Not Pollyanna, pie in the sky, magical thinking kind of hope. The stuff of getting through the grit and rawness and excruciating pain and debilitating fear.

When we find a way to stand up, again, after each episode of that kind of Real Life, we learn what we are made of.

We learn to trust and respect ourselves. It can be very hard work. We can get lost and forget. We can find our way and get back on a good, healthy track.

Though the work of growing and maturing ourselves is individual, inner work, we cannot do it alone. Finding the right people, tools and resources is mandatory. So many will fall short or work temporarily.

It is a full time job to pay attention to your own life and adjust continually. {Reference: article about NASA rockets which adjust course 93% of the time to reach the goal.} Many people withdraw, shut down, get addicted, use distractions excessively, etc. This work is not for the feint of heart! Yet it is the most powerful way of living I have found.

Right now, I feel the best about myself and my life that I ever have. I made it through the INTENSE Training Program.

I know more training is coming, however I feel equipped for the biggest vision and possibilities that I have imagined thus far. I almost broke many times along the way. I have suffered and struggled and hurt.

Now I see and know that it is all part of the human journey. I intend to continue to stay engaged with the full spectrum of Life. I offer support, tools, teaching and help to those who courageously seek to do the same. To me, it’s worth it! Where are you? What are you up to? What do you need?

I have a massive treasure chest of what I have learned helps us get through good times and difficulties. Please contact me if I can assist you.