We are not designed to do the hardest parts of life alone

How will I get the support I need to make it through? 

Hi! I'm Beth.

I have guided hundreds of people through the framework of what to pay attention to in their lives.

Now I’m here to guide YOU through the process of: 

• Brilliantly managing the care and cultivating of healthy, conscious, mature adult You.

• Navigating every problem, opportunity and dilemma by being aware of your unique strengths, patterns, blockages, fears, values and needs.

I would be honored to be your guide.

I have a track record of proven results via teaching skills, insights, perspectives, new methods of problem solving, and powerful inner resets, which have been honed over many thousands of hours. That is all available to you now.

The world is changing rapidly. The skills required to adapt are learned, via wisdom and experience, or by having a guide or mentor show you the way.

Many of our favorite legends depict this as part of the journey of discovery and triumph. Luke had Obi Wan and Yoda. Frodo had Gandalf. Harry Potter had Dumbledore.

I may not be a wizard, however I have had and still go through the same intense struggles, as you do.

And now I have a pretty damn well-equipped toolbox and a guidance system that has helped me navigate severe storms and find my way in the dark. I’ve helped many others using this same process.

And I can help you too.

This isn’t just about “talking to someone” or getting advice. I do listen, and I do work with you to arrive at solutions. However I believe that’s not enough. This is why there is a process which will to take you from point A to the perfect landing spot.

I know you would like to know what’s on the other side, see the light at the end of the tunnel, and know how to navigate the weather patterns of life as we work together. Ultimately, you will have your set of tools and strategies that you can use on your own. You will be well equipped for the next major storm and rocky landing. You will walk ashore with quiet confidence.

Let’s begin our work together.

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I will walk you through a complete intake, focusing on your work and your unique personal life circumstances.

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The journey begins

I’ll be guiding your through the entire process. 

Beth isn’t just a good listener or even just an excellent coach. She really gets me and acknowledges who I am as an individual  leading a life that isn’t exactly typical.. (introverted expat running an online business alone in a remote town in Bosnia) ..as well as a women experiencing the “Queen” phase of life.

Although I’m a mature and independent woman used to figuring things out on my own, she’s the first one I talk to when I’m in a situation that I’m not sure of or feels overwhelming, and that has made a big difference for me.  And although I’m cynical, I’m finding myself less so even in a world that seems to be turning to shit.

I think that even if  I lived alone in Antarctica or was one of the first colonists on Mars, Beth would be the perfect guide, because she has a way about her that allows me to feel less alone, more respected, and able to be my true self.

Julia O

The Process

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The beginning of a journey may start with navigating a storm.

The journey

The Journey

Now the real work starts.

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Calm Shores

You’ve come a long way. You made it!
Now you know you can trust yourself.

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