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Living Through Difficult TImes With Hope And Perseverance



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You are smart and have great intentions. Intelligent, “they” say. Brilliant even.

Maybe you have been diagnosed with ADHD or are having a major life transition or crisis.

In our culture, we are expected to be “productive” and do things a certain way. ALL the time.

Maybe you know, all too well the anxiety that comes with wondering if you are “doing it right” like “everyone else” seems to be, and damn, it’s taking a lot of energy just to push through.

We all go through difficult times. That’s life. 

When you are IN those moments, it can seem overwhelming, pointless, or even hopeless. It can feel as if everything you worked so hard for is falling apart.

• You have been navigating rough waters for a long time, without help or the right guidance.

• You’ve had a few epic crashes along the way.

• You are tired of BS .

• You “look like” you are holding it together.

• The intense juggling is wearing you down and you are sinking. Again.

• You feel lousy about yourself because you are having that panicky feeling. Again.

You are losing hope.


Feeling as if you are the ONLY one, as if you must be “doing life wrong” while everyone else is OK.

Feeling anxious and unsettled

Feeling as if your best just isn’t good enough

Living in a place of perpetual doubt

Being at the “mercy” of others and their agendas

Wondering why the platitudes and advice you hear from friends and even experts falls flat

Feeling hopeless


Feeling honored and heard as a human being

Being able to witness and honor your dark nights of the soul in a new and profound way

Re-discovering your faith in yourself, humanity, and your purpose here on earth.

Truly knowing your OWN values and choosing to live by them, no matter what

“Leveling up” in a genuine way that doesn’t involve “putting on a happy face”


The Process

The Beginning: Navigating

The Storm

The beginning of a journey may start with
navigating a storm.

In the middle of a storm, it’s difficult to do much more than hold on and weather the storm.

It’s especially hard when you can’t see when or if the storm will ever end. But it always does.

The first steps:

1. Assess where you are. Begin to take the first steps to restore your hope and trust in yourself and the world.

What are the current/impeding crises/ What needs your attention? Plans? Tools? Skills? Sometimes it is obvious. Others, we move in a counterintuitive direction.

2. Determine *your* needs and choices, not necessarily what other people are bombarding you with.

Though identifying the size of the iceberg can be daunting, it gives you a much better shot at navigating toward your best destinations.

let’s talk.

The Journey

Now the real work starts.

This stage is all about:

• Understanding  your needs, values and patterns.

• Taking action and getting support with it.

• Building new skills.

• Learning what does and doesn’t work for you.

• Weaving and integrating Conscious Living Strategies™ into your life.

You know you are strong and can weather a storm.

Now it’s time to build a stronger boat, so to speak (or get out of the water during a storm!).

We build this with the basic materials of your needs, values, patterns and strengths.

Without this, you are living in default mode, rather than living consciously. Reacting to what life can bring us without making conscious choices is like trying to live on the water with one of those flimsy blow up rafts.

Sooner or later, you find yourself clinging for dear life again, totally blindsided and unprepared.

What works for YOU? What doesn’t?  What can you do to take responsibility for your own life?

I am here to give you support and guidance, knowing that no two people are the same or have exactly the same values, needs, and patterns.

Having worked with several hundred clients over the years, I have a warehouse of useful, tested tools, tricks and information.

Please call if you are ready to move forward rather than dwelling on the past.

let’s talk.

Calm Shores

You’ve come a long way. You made it!
Now you know you can trust yourself.

Knowing that you can trust yourself to deal with any unexpected or treacherous waters you encounter along the way. You will ask for help when you need it, demonstrating your strength and vulnerability. You take risks, grow and evolve. The destination is *worth* all the moments of fear and doubt you lived through. Woohoo!!

let’s talk.

I will help you navigate to calm shores.